About Us

TM MC offers a world of intense branding,
striking marketing and unforgettable Web experiences
bringing creative,
communication and ebusiness together.

An integrated approach
From the beginning, TM MC adopted an integrated approach. The idea is to coordinate all the branding, marketing and interactive efforts into one voice, one clear and strong brand experience. A brand is experienced through a company’s products and services, through its marketing campaigns, through its promotional and transactional websites, through contacts with customers and through all its communications.

To coordinate these activities, all TM MC team members, from brand research to packaging design, to Web and graphic designers, to programmers, to marketing strategists, all work together on our clients’ projects.

At TM MC, we support our clients’ development by suggesting and creating new brands and brands positioning strategies, creative packaging, and advanced Web promotional and transactional solutions.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

TM MC is a Shopify Partner.