Brand Creation & Development

Brand Creation & Development

Creating a brand identity requires an in depth understanding of not only the products, its attributes and personality but also the experiences and relationships users will establish with them. A brand should be more than just well integrated graphic elements; it should involve the user with as many senses as possible.

At TM MC, a brand comes to life in 5 steps:

Step 1. The context
The first step is the analysis of the context in which the new brand will live and grow. This is to identify and define the elements giving birth to the brand: values, goals, competition, challenges, specifics and opportunities.

Step 2. The research
The second step is the research of the semantic, graphic and experiential fundamentals of the brand.

Step 3. The design
The third step is the design of the brand, of this new personality with its characteristics and nuances.

Step 4. The execution
The fourth step is the execution of the brand in its different forms: documents, packaging, ads, signs, etc.

Step 5. The positioning
The fifth step is the integration of the brand in the company activities and, more importantly, the positioning of the brand in the market so it can live and grow.